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ZNWL is a membership based, non-partisan, non-governmental organisation advocating for increased women and girls’ participation and representation at all levels of decision-making. The ZNWL was established in 1991 due to the continued women’s under-representation in higher decision making positions of the country which made it very difficult for women to improve their status.

At the national level, the ZNWL continues to build synergies within the national women’s movement and other civil society organisations involved in governance issues. Within the membership of NGOCC (Non-governmental Organisations’ Coordination Council), the ZNWL is the lead organisation in promoting women’s participation in decision making, leadership and governance processes. For many years now, the ZNWL has been working on promoting women’s participation in leadership, governance and decision making processes. The ZNWL also works towards mainstreaming gender in the electoral process by monitoring elections from a gender perspective.