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Women’s Legal Resources Centre (WOLREC) is a women’s rights non-governmental organisation located in Namiwawa. WOLREC was registered under the Trustees Incorporation Act (1962) in 2006 and became operational the same year. WOLREC's vision is to have a society in which women’s rights are recognized, respected and protected while its mission is to facilitate increased access to legal, socio-political and economic justice for women and girls in Malawi. WOLREC is guided by the following principles: empowerment of vulnerable groups especially women and girls, gender equity and equality, diversity, respect for human rights as well as transparency and accountability. WOLREC's activities include the following;

  • Capacity development of rights holders and duty bearers on human rights and gender issues
  • Facilitating access to legal assistance and services to rural and urban women and girls.
  • Information documentation and dissemination on gender and human rights issues using edutainment model.
  • Behavioral change interventions on eradication of harmful cultural and traditional practices
  • Capacity building for women in leadership
  • Economic literacy and empowerment for women
  • Local and national advocacy on human rights and gender issues