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WIPSU is a feminist organisation established in April 2001 and has been working, for the past 16 years to strengthen democracy and governance practice through the effective participation of women in political office and as political constituents. This has necessitated engagements at policy level (locally and regionally) and at implementation with key stakeholders namely political parties, Parliament and Local government.

Hence the creation of women advocacy spaces and platforms with the state institutions and processes such as the advocacy for Voluntary Party Quota, the SADC Declaration on Gender and Development with 50/50 targets, the establishment of the Zimbabwean Women Parliamentary Caucus and the Women in Local Government Forum and the leadership G40 in the constitutional development process.

This represents the movement of the concept of the women’s political participation from a fringe policy issue to central issues in delivery on good governance and rights realisation for women. This also represents long term targets that sought to ensure women’s political equality is adequately addressed in both law and practise WIPSU has played a central feature in this advocacy and over the years has enjoyed the support from colleagues in civil society and development partners to address the systemic marginalisation of women.