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The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE) was founded in Lebanon by a number of activists in the public sector on March 13, 1996. LADE is a civil, independent and nonprofit organisation specialized in elections and how closely they are linked to democracy. The association is concerned with monitoring the elections in their different forms as well as studying the electoral systems and laws according to the international democratic electoral standards, especially standards that guarantee free, fair and transparent elections.

LADE aims at pushing political parties to introduce the reforms that are in line with the international standards of electoral laws, especially the municipal law. The association also works closely with the student groups and unions. LADE advocates the introduction of the desired reforms to the electoral law by exerting pressure on the political parties to adopt the standards needed to ensure democratic elections. The Association educates citizens on the important electoral issues and introduces them to electoral laws, voters’ rights and the criteria of a good candidate.

LADE also pays great attention to young people and students, especially college students, as well as workers and employers’ unions. Researchers, academics, journalists, lawyers, college students, experts and a number of civil society activists are members of the association.

In Women Empowered for Leadership, LADE is working on:

  • Gender Based Elections monitoring: this monitoring enabled LADE to identify and measure the main obstacles female candidates and voters were suffering from.
  • Providing a platform for women leaders and expose them to the public. This goal was reached through the radio platform. LADE will build on this experience to evaluate this experience and empower the platform.
  • Lobby meetings with political parties and unions: LADE met the representative of the political parties to lobby them on women’s participation.
  • Public Awareness campaign on women’s participation in political life.