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Community Media Network (CMN) was registered officially as a non-profit company
in 2007 with the goals of using digital and broadcast media to improve people’s lives. CMN was the natural development of an effort begun by award-winning journalist Daoud Kuttab in 2000 with the creation of, the first internet radio station in the Arab region.

CMN is special in that it finds ways to empower communities through media by organizing training, helping with production and publishing/broadcasting of content produced by various communities.

The work of CMN addresses the needs of marginalized communities who have no voice and who are eager to participate in the public square.

Women’s empowerment has been a key pillar since the creation of CMN both in terms of the staffing, policies as well as the targeting of women in different communities. CMN worked for years with the women of Zarqa training them and helping them produce a multi-media platform - Hona Zarqa. Women politicians were also the target of training campaigns during the political election season. CMN has been proactive in ensuring that women participate in various projects, debates and town hall meetings.

Furthermore, CMN worked with the World Association of Christian Communications to help produce a regional directory of women activists in order to increase the presence and engagement by media with women.