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MMPZ is an independent trust, registered in 2000 with the mandate to monitor the media in the public interest. Following a strategic review of the organisation from 2014 – 2016, MMPZ has rebranded to trade as Media Monitors.  Media Monitors has maintained the main objectives of MMPZ with increased focus towards organisational sustainability and efficiency. The new brand is intended to reflect this thrust.

MM is currently amending its trust deed to reflect these changes. The organisation has a 16-year track record of providing media content monitoring services in Zimbabwe. MM therefore monitors content of the media with an aim to promote citizen's access to information, through a professional and responsible media; as well as promoting the rights to free expression, freedom of the media and related rights.

The organisation monitors 22 print and electronic news outlets as well as online news agencies and social media platforms. Media Monitors’ mandate is to monitor the Zimbabwean media space for the purpose of promoting responsible journalism and upholding fundamental liberties that include freedom of the media, freedom of expression, and access to information as well as accountability through information dissemination.

The organisation has conducted gender media monitoring around women in politics, gender based violence, girl child rights among other themes with an on-going programme to contribute towards ending child marriages in Zimbabwe.