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GGJDC is a local Women Civil Society Organization, established in 2015 to address; gender inequalities, social injustices and socio-economic problems and to facilitate implementation of sustainable development initiatives in respective societies. GGJDC has 12 (6 male and 6 female) members of staff with 111 committed volunteers.


To build a society where human dignity is respected, human rights promoted, justice upheld, founded on principles that promote equity, respect for human life, individuals, and institutions in power are held accountable with the aim of achieving full human potential for the common good.


To contribute to the enhancement of integral human development by promoting gender, equity, good governance and sustainable development initiatives.

GGJDC is currently implementing Women Empowered for Leadership programme in four districts of the central region of Malawi (Lilongwe, Mchinji, Kasungu, Nkhotakota) from November 2016 to December 2020. Their main programme activities include:

  1. Four Programme briefing meetings with district political parties leaders (DPP, PP, UDF, MCP and AFFORD) and selected stakeholders
  2. Three follow up meetings with district political party leadership and selected stakeholders to draw and adopt implementation strategy to support women
  3. A baseline was conducted on women leadership in the public sector at district level (Kasungu, Mchinji, Nkhotakota)
  4. Orientation of 111 community facilitators
  5. Two programme launches at community level
  6. Development of Community Awareness Handbook
  7. Engagement with district media houses


Political parties leaders and stakeholder in Nkhotakota signing MOUs assisted by the district coordinators as part of  implementation strategy for Women Empowered for Leadership, taken by Nkhotakota office support staff on  11th April 2017



Board and staff members for GGJDC pose for a group photo after programme orientation session for board members at Kortasia Lodge in Lilongwe on 25th February 2017. Picture taken by Grace Makuti, WE4L programs officer  


Debate on women leadership by Community facilitators in Lilongwe at T/A Mazengera on 14th February 2017,  taken by Grace Makuti, WE4L GGJDC Programme Officer




A group of community facilitators during the WE4L programme orientation in Kasunga 17 March 2017. Picture taken by Hastings Kalima, GGJDC District Coordinator.