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Founded in 2012, Drabzeen is a Jordanian organization that focuses on youth, gender and community-based initiatives. It serves as a forum for Jordanian youth to discuss human rights, democracy and political participation through casual talks, debate tools and online media - which include social media and video production.

Furthermore, Drabzeen aims to provide the youth with the needed skills and capacities to maximize their potential, and consequently leave a positive social and economic impact on them and their families. Moreover, Drabzeen strongly advocates for partnerships, which result in shared knowledge and better outcomes.

Drabzeen's goals:

  1. Enhance youth civic engagement and participation in decision-making, political processes and institutions.
  2. Support equal participation of women and men in decision-making.
  3. Provide concrete platforms for youth participation to support existing local youth networks and initiatives, as well as include them in scientific, technological and innovative initiatives.
  4. Engage youth through outreach, advocacy and mainstreaming of related issues in all spheres of development planning.