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Established in 2005, ANHRE is an independent regional network that represents institutions, organizations and academic institutes active in the field of human rights and citizenship education in the Arab region. Through its programs, ANHRE aims to unify efforts and coordinate with different civil society organizations to influence policies, procedures, formal and non-formal regulations in order to ensure the adoption of legislations that respect human rights and dignity, as well as promote equal citizenship and the acceptance of diversity. Furthermore, the activities of ANHRE focus on mainstreaming gender equality and the rights of persons with disabilities and vulnerable groups.

Since its establishment, around 210 members and partner NGOs have directly benefited from different projects through which ANHRE has provided them with tools, training, technical support and expertise on human rights, citizenship education and advocacy. Moreover, around 6,000 youth are regularly enrolled in ANHRE's projects and 1,200,000 youth and women have engaged in the different programs either by attending activities or virtually interacting on the pages and groups managed by ANHRE.