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Ahel’s mission is to support people, communities and organizations in the Middle East build their leadership capacity to enable the execution of community-based campaigns and collective action for change towards freedom, equality and justice. For such communities to achieve their objectives and for Ahel to support them, three rights must be protected: the right to assembly, the right to free expression and the right to association.

How does Ahel achieve its mission?

  1. Coaching collective action: Ahel nurtures leadership through training and coaching on community organizing for campaign and movement building.
  2. Building leadership capacity: Ahel builds a leadership of motivated individuals who act as agents of change, take initiatives and understand leadership through workshops, courses and coaching on public narrative, community organizing, community mobilizing, campaigns and movement leadership.
  3. Facilitating learning and reflection: Ahel adopts the popular education learning approach as an anchor for building a culture that enables collective action. Furthermore, Ahel designs and facilitates learning spaces for community-based organizations and groups invested in adult learning and strategizing.

Qom Ma’ Almoalem campaign (Stand Up with the Teacher):

Ahel’s longest project, Qom Ma’ Almoalem is a workers’ rights campaign led by women teachers paid under the minimum wage in private schools in Irbid. For the past three years, Ahel has been coaching and training these women to claim their rights, demand signing a unified contract, as well as organize and pursue legal actions if their rights are infringed.

Ahel currently aims to upgrade Qom Ma’ Almoalem campaign and turn it into a national movement present in four Jordanian cities.