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Women Empowered for Leadership

Collaborating for increased and effective participation by women in politics, public administration and civil society

Women Empowered for Leadership

"The focus of our work has been to educate ourselves. Arm ourselves with feminist ideologies and feminist arguments to everything happening around us. So we can really influence decision-making, lobbying and policies."

Krystel Tabet - Feminist and human rights activist (Beirut, Lebanon)

"LADE (WE4L partner) was founded to say that the elections are way more than people voting. Elections used to happen in the worst dictatorships. LADE was founded to say that the elections need a democratic path."

Zeina el-Helou - Secretary-General of LADE (Beirut, Lebanon)

"We are women of remote, poor and marginalised areas. However, we have potentials, qualifications and experiences. We are now at a point where we can be in decision-making positions."

Lana Krishan - Teacher at Ma’an university (Ma’an, Jordan)

“All I want is a Zimbabwe where we enjoy economic and social freedom. My decision to run as an Independent candidate was not easy but the support I get from my family keeps me going. I am ultimately doing this for a better future for my children and family.”

Linda Masarira - Aspiring candidate upcoming elections Zimbabwe

“I was always calling out others on how they were ruining the country, until one day I asked myself what I was doing to stop this. I woke up the next morning and said to myself, I am going play my role and participate. I never turned back from that day.”

Jasmine Toffa - legislator and participant leadership retreat Zimbabwe

WE4L believes in a world with fair, just and inclusive societies that offer equal rights and opportunities to all people –women and men– to take part in decision-making processes that affect their lives.

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